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Category : Windows 10

Windows 10 Issues and Troubleshooting related questions can be shared here.

Hi, i am getting below error in setuperr.log for few machines: CONX 0xd0000034 Failed to add user modeĀ driverĀ [%SystemRoot%system32DRIVERSUMDFuicciso.dll] We are using windows system upgrade package with TS. Please suggest...   Thanks,

CCMMANAGED= UpdateNotify Object does mean that SCCM is managing the O365 client, right? As the Value is getting Change to NULL.. Is there a way that we can get this value insert forcefully ? Is there any impact if this value is not ...

Hi All, Good day. I am getting a task from my organization to trace down the LDAP communication which is initiated from multiple Windows 10 devices to the domain controller. So far the only way to trace this as per my knowledge is ...