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Category : Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager is the device management solution provided by Microsoft. This solution is the on-premises version of the device management solution.

As per Microsoft, this is the most used device management solution in the world.


  Hi, We have cmg configured in our environment, but the problem is many devices are not having cloud policy and those can't come back to network due to covid 19 situation. Need your advise on how those machine can talk to ...

Looking forward for some input regarding smooth migration of sccm from one server to another? Best practices?? if possible can connect existing CM DB to a new installation and have the same SITE CODE and IP as the previous one? ...

Hello Experts, Greetings Hope you all are keeping well & I pray for your good health. We have a in house automation requirement to integrate sccm with Hafid System (Ticketing Tool). We are patching more than 10,000 servers by divide them ...

Am trying to enable to LEDBAT on a Dp and need help to know how it works in back end and how to validate if LEDBAT working fine in managing the traffic