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Category : Feedback

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Writing a thesis involves several key points to assure a complete and well-crafted document. Begin by clearly defining your research question or thesis statement, providing a focused and purposeful direction for your work. Write my assignment in Ireland conduct ...

When it comes to affection magic, a lot of fake facts and knowledge are spread in the minds of people. Such fake knowledge makes people question whether this practice is ethical or not. Is it ethical? Yes! Love spells are ...

There is a requirement to configure a Onedrive for all new build devices and existing devices, Intention to backup users documents synced automatically to Onedrive. Is there any way where we can create a PowerShell script, Task sequence or Gpo ...

Hi I thought I would leave some feedback after following the Namaste shows! So I been a member on the forum for a while, its great area to colloborate. One suggestion would be to create a Windows Virtual Desktop section under questions, it's ...